Father’s Day Quilted Fabric Card


Let our fathers know how much we appreciate them by sending them a quilted fabric card! Check out handmade pieces from theholythread.com.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society. A father plays an even more important role in his family. He is the protector, provider, promoter and even priest(some may say). Fathers have such a great responsibility.

One of the best ways to honor them is to let them know how much we appreciate and respect them by writing it down on a quilted fabric card. Why a wonky heart and star on the card? Because fathers maybe strict with us, they are not that serious all the time. They can be very fun to be around with. I can still remember my dad making funny faces and piggybacking me during my childhood days. It was so fun and full of laughter! Fathers are the SUPERSTARS in our hearts!

Around the heart, there are different stitches, straight, zigzag and intersections for quilting. Thus making this quilted fabric card even more fun!

Size about 7” by 5”, envelope included

Check out our Father’s Day Quilted Fabric Card today!


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  • There may be a slight variation of the fabric colours due to the setting of computer/mobile phone screen.

There may be a slight variation to the size of the item as it is handmade.

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